Dual booting JiffyDOS for classic C64

Thanks go out to my good friend and fellow RCM’er Jon for building me another JiffyDOS rom complete with his custom 28-24pin adaptor so that it can be installed into earlier (and the best) Commodore c64 ‘breadbin’ models.

This is a dual booting Rom therefore by adding a switch I’ll be able to select between the new JiffyDOS kernel or flip to the regular C64 kernel depending on whether i want to load games/files very quickly via my SD2IEC or switch back to regular C64 kernel mode.

Thanks Jon, they both survived our mail man 🙂 See you at the weekend.


You can read all about how these where made over at Jon’s site.



2 responses to “Dual booting JiffyDOS for classic C64

  1. You’ve yet to get it working!
    Overhang goes to the top, I think I put the socket the wrong way round on the red lead one so the notch is pointing down.
    Hope that makes sense, does in my head

  2. Yup, I did say I had some spare switches but I’ll be buggered if I know what I’ve done with them, so it’s a Maplins trip first!

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