Vectrex movie cartridge

I’ve been enjoying rereading classic Sci-Fi books via iBooks these past few weeks such as the collected short stories by Philip K Dick, William Gibson Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov. In particular the later being the Robot novels. This lead to further research on the theme which brought me to Martin Caitin’s Cyborg novels – which was the basis of the cult classic Six Million Dollar man TV series (which if rumours are true, could be resurrected (or rebuilt…,sorry!) as a new feature film)….where was I?…oh yes…cyborg…this then led me to pictures of the rather ropey 1982 Klaus Klinski film called Android, which finally brought me to this image.


Are those Vectrex consoles?

Further research shows that Vectrex..eseses where indeed used in the film (including a game) and more information, as well as a ton of Vectrex related goodness, can be found here –

…and if you want a copy of the actual Vectrex cart designed specifically for the movie, the current bid on eBay is £600….no? me neither 🙂

Right, I’m off to scan footage of Starwars, I bet there’s an Atari Woody somewhere 🙂


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