Robtek Game Killer Cartridge – Commodore 64

Here’s a bit of an oddball cartridge for the Commodore 64 that I dug out of storage the other day. It’s a game cheat cartridge from 1986 that was produced by a company called RobTek and is used to disable sprite collision once you’ve loaded a game into memory….handy to get past those tricky bits.

Here’s a picture of the box front


..and the rear


The cartridge itself is fairly plain with Gamekiller lettering on the front and green push button on the right hand side.


Here’s the cartridge loaded and ready for use..and a rather catchy tune too.


Here a quick video I shot the other day showing the Gamekiller cartridge in action.

Since then, I’ve researched the cartridge a little bit more and appears that not very many where produced due to poor interest/sales….does this make it rare, probably not, but it’s quirky bit of kit that’s a little bit different to other freezer carts.



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