Retro Gaming: Prince of Persia box art

I’ve now got two new versions of Prince of Persia to add to my gamenlibrary. The first was found amongst a box of Nintendo Gameboy games in one of my storage boxes brought back from my parents loft which I’m slowly starting to go through.

I quite like this alternative artwork on the Gameboy (& NES) box and is a bit different from the more common artwork found on most of the other home computers.


Sadly, I won’t be popping the game cart into my Gameboy just yet as I still have it in bits after the last RetroBrite session the other week and is also awaiting a screen replacement. ‘Lameboy’ emulator running on my Nintendo DS will have to do for now.

Nice and white again but I must get around to putting it all back together!


I still haven’t found either my Commodore Amiga or PC DOS version amongst the boxes but I’m sure they’ll turn up soon. The box art on these covers are, against the of most common type which is also used on this Amstrad edition that Andy @ RCM gave me last weekend. Cheers Andy!


I’ve not played this particular version and it’s high time I dusted down the 464 so..another one added to the list!


Here’s a few more cover variants.

Sega Megadrive CD.

Great cover art and another one I need to add to my library..this ones got plenty of FMV sequences.


The original Apple II version. Elements of this ‘leaping prince’ design was used on many other covers like the PAL SNES edition.


As with most Japanese Game boxart, the Super Famicom version is fantastic and unlike any of the other covers…yet, to me it doesn’t feel like Prince of Persia and could be any other random game.


I’ve never come across this Japanese Gameboy cover but I really and like anime approach to the design.


..and the worst..the Sega Megadrive/Master System/Game Gear version. Truly awful in my opinion but shouldn’t be judged by it’s cover as these play quite well.


I haven’t played every version of Prince of Persia yet and so, for the time being, my favourites remain with the DOS and Amiga versions…but for how long?


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