Two Vectrex Overlays added to my collection.

Wow, I was only saying the other day how I’d like to add more Vectrex coloured overlays to my collection (Berzerk in particular) and what do you know, two come up on eBay for a very low price.

Both arrived today.

The first is for the game – Rip Off. It’s not a game I’ve played very often before but am really starting to get into it in a big way and this overlay (if somewhat basic) adds a splash of colour and useful for a visual aid when them robbing buggers enemy ships start to come in think n fast.



Here’s the second.

Yay, Berzerk 🙂


At first I was a little concerned about the large number of surface scratches on the overlay, but once fitted to my Vectrex and with the game running they all seem to disappear.


I’m so happy to finally have my own Berzerk overlay, now I won’t have to battle out in black & white but super cool neon blue 🙂

As an added bonus, this overlay actually came with the Berzerk game cartridge. I already have it in my game collection so I’ll either trade it for another game or use the outer case as a new case for my 72-1 Vectrex multicart.

Next on the list is a Scramble overlay.


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