Commodore 64 Cynthcart demo.

Isn’t it amazing what can still be achieved with Commodore SID chip helped along with a Cynthcart and a huge dollop of talent from Lukhash. Considering that this is being played on the fly, pretty damn impressive.

Downloadable albums can be found here, Dead Pixels being my favorite.

I spotted one of these carts at RCM HQ a few weeks ago and are easily available online so I might indulge…alternatively, I wonder if it’s possible to burn the Cynthcart .bin file to my Easy Flash cartridge?


edit – Yep, just found a cart dump in .prg format so have converted it to .crt via a little program called MCart. After conversion I copied the .crt to my Easy Flash.Alternatively I could leave it as a.prg file and use Draco Cart maker to add it (as well as other .prg files) to my EasyFlash…or as a third option, simple load the .prg file directly from my SD2IEC…phew!



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