IOS Retro Gaming: Atari Gunner

Wow, this one came out of nowhere (unless I’ve missed something here?), Atari have this week released an updated version of Asteroids for iDevices and best of all, it’s totally free!

Here’s the details taken from Atari’s www

Experience the next evolution in the legendary Asteroids franchise!
Blast your way through deadly asteroids fields and alien war ships to become the most wealthy and powerful Gunner in space history. Work your way to the top of the gritty crystal mining business by traversing through the galaxy and collecting the treasures of the cosmos. Upgrade your ship as you climb up the intergalactic ranks and become a force to be reckoned with!

3 galaxies and 150 non-stop waves to test your rock-obliterating skills

Three different ships to pilot: the Miner, Bomber and Dart

Tons of power-ups and skill upgrades

Unlock over 200 achievements to earn rank promotions and gain more upgrades

OpenFeint and Game Center integration

Turn-based multiplayer coming soon

I’ve only been playing the iPad HD version for the past half hour and am hooked already…of course I would…it’s Asteroids!

The dual controls work perfectly and take literally a minute to get the hang of them, using fingers to control rotation/thrust and the other to fire your weapons through 360 degrees.

As mentioned above, there’s plenty of weapons upgrades including missiles and shock wave bombs that rip apart any nearby asteroid.

Things start of nice and easy letting you get used to the controls whilst you blast away at the odd chunk of floating rock…fast forward a few levels sees you placed smack bang in the middle of an asteroid belt. Shoot shoot shoot….run away!

Graphics are really nice with different planes of scrolling effects giving the illusion of 3D space. I’ve only seen one backdrop so far and that would be my only criticism but as I’ve only played the first few waves, there may be more to follow.

It’s gameplay that matters the most and Asteroids:Gunner is dripping with it as did it’s Atari forefather all those years ago. This one will certainly keep you entertained.



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