30 classic computer ads

Take a trip down memory lane with a look at some of these classic computer print advertisements


Holy mother of….HOW MUCH!


This one looks cool, look at those retro chic lines!



5 responses to “30 classic computer ads

  1. That HD was for sure expensive. I wonder what kind of an amount $3398 equals today.. and for only 10MB!

    My first HD had a whopping 120MB of storage capacity by the way.. thought I’d never fill it up, but I did. 😉 That HD was bought second-hand, but it was not cheap, I can tell you that.

  2. Scary isn’t it! I think the first hdd i had was a 20mb external drive for my Amiga 500 (A590 i think) and then a 80mb for my Amiga 1200. I recal filling the entire 20mb drive images rendered in one of those random scenery generator that could be used to create flybys and play each image back as an animation directly from the HDD. I forget the specif details but it looked fantastic. Each frame took about 5 hours to render so you can image how long a 30 second 25 fps render took….and all the time, hoping my poor Amiga 500 wouldn’t either fry or be unplugged by accident 🙂

  3. Cool that you’ve been an owner of a A590! A great product for sure. 🙂 Must have been nice to have an HD for the Amiga 500. I always wanted that, but couldn’t afford one until I purchased the Amiga 1200. 😉

    That it took so much time rendering certainly puts things into perspective. Don’t know if we’ve had the same patience today. 😉 We expect everything to be quick these days.

  4. Very true…although, I’ve been loading games from tape just lately, just to enjoy the loader music/Picture. Wouldn’t want to do it all the time though!

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