ZX Spectrum Remake – Dingo (running on iPad)

Sadly I couldn’t attend this years classic gaming Expo – Replay, but many of my friend did manage to make it up want he windy north and have been enjoying all of the various pictures and video from what looked to be an even bigger event than last year.

One thing I did miss was the the release of a new game for the ZX Spectrum called Dingo, which is a remake of a classic arcade game from the early 80’s. It’s become quite popular with a few of my Facebook friends and have been keen to try it out myself.


A limited run of 50 cassette versions of the game was released at Replay complete with custom inlay artwork and also signed by the games artist Mark R. Jones.


For those of us unlucky to own a cassette version, the author has released the game in digital format for playback via emulation on the World of Spectrum website –


you can also find out a little more about Dingo at the authors page – (including links to download a PC version of Dingo)


For myself, I though it’d be fun to try and get the game to run under the ZX Spectrum emulator for iPhone/iPad called ZX Spectaculator. I had to mess around with the specific configuration file for this game to get the control mapping correctly and it still needs a little tweaking.

Here’s YouTube video I made showing the game running on my iPad using ZX Spectaculator ver 2.0


4 responses to “ZX Spectrum Remake – Dingo (running on iPad)

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for your post/video and your enthusiasm about this game – I’m the one who programmed it.

    For your information I can tell you that it should be out in less than a weeks time, as a free standalone app – running in Spectaculator, and the controls will be pre-configured for IOS > http://tardis.dk/retro/dingozx/images/Dingoios.jpg
    It will also include global highscores (but will only have one button and not four as in the picture).

    Unfortunately the last of my promotional copies found a new home tonight, so there’s no more left.


  2. Hey there, nice to hear from you and great news about the standalone app. Will you be porting over some of your other remakes?

    Kind regards


  3. Hey,

    I won’t be porting any of my other games to the Spectrum – perhaps apart from Star Castle which I’m sure I could do a good version of, but I don’t think any of them are really suitable for the Spectrum and I’d rather work on something new. 🙂

    But I have an almost finished version of Omega Race 2009 for the iPad, but I won’t be finishing that anytime soon, so for now I will stick to Windows and OSX only.

    Kind regards,

  4. Well, whether it’s on iOS, classic hardware or for PC, you make some damn fine twitch gaming so keep up the good work.

    Kind regards


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