Commodore 64 EasyFlash Cartridge and JiffyDOS rom

When I got back home from work not one, not even two…but three parcels had arrived for me. Christmas has arrived early as each little package contained a new toy to spruce up my rediscovered Commodore 64 (well two and the other for my other c64).

Here they are –

From all the way from the US, we have a homemade EasyFlash cartridge.

A new composite A/V cable.

…and from my good friend and fellow RCM-er Jon( a JiffyDOS rom complete with dual boot toggle switch. I Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine on holiday Jon, you’re not missing much weather wise back here!


The new A/V cable provides a huge difference in picture quality than the standard RF cable and on my desktop LCD TV it looks fantastic. This cable is also compatible with the my other Commodore computers too.

I’ve been looking forward to getting hold of an EasyFlash cartridge since the release of the new Prince of Persia release just a few weeks ago because so far, this is the only device that allows it to be played on a real C64.

The EasyFlash cartridge is a flash storage cartridge for the C64. With this cartridge I can store multiple C64 cartridge games, tools and utilities and have them load almost within an instance. It also supports .prg files as well so even non cartridge based games can be installed too and with 1mb of flash storage there’s plenty of room for quite a few files.

I’ve since, swapped out the Australian slim style casing that has housed my C64 for many years and have now restored it to it’s former glory with a classic original ‘bread bin’ case. Much, much better in my opinion.

I’ll be taking a closer look inside the EasyFlash cart and posting how it all works in another post, but here’s a few pictures taken during this initial test.

Well, at least after all these years the cartridge port still functions!


Writing the cartridge game file using Easy Prog running on the c64 loaded via my SD2IEC.


Easy Prog


Once completed, switch on the cartridge and hit the built in reset switch – which is also rather handy as it can be used as a regular reset switch.



I may be some time….60 minutes to be exact 🙂


Moving on to the JiffyDOS Rom, once this is installed, it will dramatically increase disk loading times when using my SD2IEC (including file transfer to the Easyflash cart) and Jon has kindly installed a toggle switch so that I can turn off this feature when loading software from tape. This particular chip is for my other (model C) C64 and look forward to seeing Jon’s custom made JiffyDOS adaptor for my original C64 in the near future.

I’m aiming to have the ROM installed this weekend….that’s once I’ve put my C64c back together again (currently in the process of cleaning/RetroBriting).

I’ll be back with more on these new toys (and hopefully better daytime photos) over the next few days.


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