Halloween Retro Gaming: C64 – Friday the 13th.

Halloween eh?, perfect excuse to fire up a few themed games and scare one self silly I think. Going through my retro gaming vault there’s so many to choose from and it’s quite easy to go straight for the classics like Castlevania, Resident Evil or the Splatterhouse series. However, as I’ve got the Commodore C64 setup this weekend I thought I’d load a game both my brother and I used to play way back in the day when a few simple black sprites would bring us out in a sweat……lots of imagination required of course!

Here’s the loading screen to Friday the 13th complete with blood curling digitized scream to get the adrenalin pumping……as I said, you need to use your imagination here šŸ™‚

Friday the 13th by Domark c1985….and might I say, our own copy on tape cassette was a right ****** to load!

You and your nine friends are spending the summer holidays at crystal lake holiday camp, miles away from civilization, unaware that Jason Voorhees has a filthy grotto close to the camp. At midnight on the first day, while unpacking, you notice a bloodstained mask and with horror, you realise that Jason is waiting

Terrified, you protect your friends from the marauding Jason and finally dispose of him..

before he disposes of you!’



So, the premises of the game is quite simple. Wander around the various locations looking for Jason who is cunningly disguised as one of your friends. Uncover his disguise by smacking your friends about a bit (not too much, you’re not the maniac killer here) and once uncovered, hit Jason a few times to kill him whilst avoid being hit yourself. Once that’s done, do it again…and again…and again….and why not, it’s fun!

Right, first things first, need to grab me a weapon. That spear should lying around in the church(?) should do nicely as the some of the other melee weapons means you have to get a bit too close to Jason and I’m way too scared for that.

Each location has its own music score and the one around the grave yard is rather eerie. No time for grave rubbings though, I’ve got a killer to catch.

Hanging about in the spooky forest…hang on, isn’t this Treasure Island from the Commodore Plus/4?

There’s Jason (the one in black), quick, give him a tap with that white chainsaw…or is that the TV remote?

Yay, Jason is toast…or is he…mwah ha ha ha!

Friday the 13th’s graphics are crap, the animation is crap and even the music can get on your nerves, but for those moments of sweaty palm, run like hell, cat and mouse chases with Jason who is forever one step behind you it’s well worth having a go.

..and if you get bored, you can always enter the ‘photoshop’ POKE cheat mode like I did šŸ™‚


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