Commodore C64 Load-IT magazine scan

I was browsing through some online archive scans of various old computer magazines from the late 80’s (the 16-bit explosion) and came across advertisements for the Mills Load-IT Datasette & c64 Australian case I mention in yesterday’s post.

£39.99 for a tape deck..ouch!

C&VG magazine Dec ’89


Evesham Micros was such a great store and one of the best places for Commodore gear. I didn’t get my Datasette from here but I did purchase, among other things, the Freeze Machine Cartridge….I was getting fed up with the paper clip DIY reset hack 🙂

Commodore User magazine Oct ’88



4 responses to “Commodore C64 Load-IT magazine scan

  1. Thanks again. As I suspect, i don’t think the picture uploaded correctly from my iPad.

    Thanks for confirms all is o.k.

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