Atari 2600 Harmony Cartridge videos

Here’s a few videos and pictures I’ve shot this afternoon as I finally get to give my Harmony cartridge a spin on my Atari 2600




Here’s the first video, showing the Harmony cartridge, menu system and me playing a hacked voice enhanced version of one of my favorite games – Berzerk. Sadly, holding my iPhone camera in one hand and joystick in the other, doesn’t make for the best gaming experience 🙂

The second game played (Hero) isn’t one i’ve actually played before up until a few weeks ago when Andy at the Retro Computer Museum introduced me to it…ever since then, I’ve been completely hooked!

Now this second video is just bizarre. I was going through some of the hacked games listed on AtariAge – and came across a version of Missile Command that’s been programmed to accept input from an Amiga Mouse instead of the Atari Joystick! Commodore….on Atari 😮


It works perfectly and anyone who’s played Missile Command with a joystick will know it’s terrible with digital controls. Add analogue control from a mouse gets you one step closer to the arcade original (I’ve got to hunt down a 9-pin trackball now!)


All in all, a wonderful bit of kit and rumours are that there might be one produced for the Atari 5200 and 7800. Fingers crossed!


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