Retro Demake: VipeUT

Earlier today I’ve been online researching MB Vectrex transparent overlays and I came across one I’d not seen before.  Curious, I thought, especially as the number of original games released for the Vectrex was quite low it’s easy to remember what each game overlay looks like. This one eluded me.

As I clicked on the link it became instantly clear that this was a not in fact a new,  but a cleverly produced  Retro Demake of the Playstation classic – WipeOut,  in the style of a vintage Vectrex game. Outstanding!

The author has gone to great lengths to provide the look of a Vectrex game complete with sharp vector graphics and an fake transparent color overlay. He’s even included the original Vectrex console startup sound and for that total Vectrex experience he’s also included that annoying  buzzing sound you get on the original console 🙂

..and for a final finishing touch, he’s included Vectrex fake box art complete with distressed cover 🙂

I’ve been playing this on my laptop and thought it would look amazing in it’s Vectrex native portrait screen mode. I have a rotating 23″ TFT monitor hooked up to my PC so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Here’s my YouTube video –

You can find out more and also download a copy of VipeUT here.


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