IOS Retro Gaming: Snake HD and Duck Hunt AR

Both of these games have kept me entertained today during lunch break and so on and at the moment are both being offered as free downloads via the Apple app store.

First up is Snake HD for the iPad.

Snake needs no introduction and is one of those classic games that excels because of its pick up and play nature to provide minutes or hours of fun.

The concept is simple – navigate the play area and eat the various objects on screen. The more you eat, the more points you get but the longer your snake becomes and ups the difficulty level because you have to avoid crashing into your ever increasing body.

This iPad version offers a superb vector graphic makeover and add touch control which work so well on this game.

Two modes are on offer. First there’s the classic mode with simple up, down, left and right control.


…and then there’s modern mode complete with those lovely looking vector graphics. Control has been changed so that the left/right button rotates your snake (er-hmm) through 360 degrees.

Add a coloured overlay and it’d pass for a Vectrex game 🙂


The second game today is Duck Hunt AR for the iPhone.


This is such a great port of the NIntendo classic game and not only adds tilt support – you aim you gun by moving/tilting you phone, but the dull blue background of the original NES game has been replaced by the live video being picked up by your iPhones camera. It’s quite surreal in reality and so funny when trying it out at work and had various colleagues in the background superimposed into the game.

Here’s a picture of my iPhone using my iPad.



After a while, I must admit, the game loses it’s appeal, but for it’s quirkiness and one to show your fellow retro gamers to raise a smile it’s definitely worth a look.


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