ZX Spectrum Prince of Persia on IPad

After the excitement of yesterday’s epic release of Prince of Persia for the Commodore C64, I was reading with interest,an article about game design and it mentions a conversion was created for the ZX Spectrum in 1996. I had no idea that such a release existed and curious to see how it would run on the old Speccy, I headed off to The World of Spectrum wbsite to find out more.

At some point, I’ll convert the .TAP image hosted on WOS to play back on a real Spectrum, but for now I’m happy to run the game via an emulator.

Which…funny enough ties in with an iPad app I’ve been wanting to check to see if it’s still working after upgrading to IOS5 the other day. The app in question is ZX Spectaculator, which is a rather excellent ZX emulator for the iPad. There’s no support for loading custom games by default but a quick browse through the Internet will show you how to achieve this if required. I’ve actually posted my own method in a previous post which you can find here –


After converting the game file and editing the relevant config files, will it run?



I must admit, these guys have done a wonderful job getting this to run with all of the silky smooth animation intact bearing in mind the hardware limitations.


Joystick mode – I need to play around with the config file a little more as it’s all to easy to select ‘up’ just when you don’t need to resulting in a random jump,  often leading to certain death. The emulator supports adding addition fire buttons that can be mapped to keys so for example I could limit the joystick to just left, right and down and have a separate button for ‘up’ in addition to the existing ‘action’ button.


Keyboard mode – It plays ok in this mode too using the classic Q,A,O & P control set. Maybe in later levels when you need to be a little more dextrous with the jumping, Keyboard mode might not be the best choice.

I’ve also amended the config files and added instruction text, game info text and cheat info (lifted from from Wikipedia and WOS) as well as a screenshot for the game list and box art to show when the game is selected.


Due to licensing difficulties, this ZX version never received a commercial release therefore there insn’t any box art images to be found. So with the help of Photoshop, I’ve created the box art myself using the image from the Commodore Amiga cover and an old Spectrum game cover.

Photoshop mashup begins.

Über-geeky I know, but I do like my emulator frontends to look polished 🙂


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