Retro game art – propaganda posters

I was having a browse across the Internet for inspirational ideas for decorating my mini – mini Mame cab and am looking at colour and style of various arcade cabinets, home games consoles and pop art from the late 70’s and 80’s.

Any-ho, as most Internet journeys go, one link leads to another and you happen to come across something that just make you go wow, so I thought i’d share it.

This is steventhomasart’s photo stream on Flickr ( )and being a fan of poster art from the early 20th century, Steven’s modern depictions in this vintage style really made me smile. I love the Sci-fi themed travel posters like this one –


…but it wasn’t until I continued to loom through his gallery to find these totally awesome images of classic video games in the style of vintage propaganda posters.





Donkey Kong


There’s many more to browse through so if like me, you love this artistic style, head on over there and take a look. Amazing stuff I deed!


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