Retro Gaming Fanzines and digital archives

Like many gamers of a certain age that grew up during golden and silver age of console and computer games, Retro Gamer magazine is an entertaining read and is a monthly staple that I haven’t missed since issue since no.5. It’s still going strong today and at issue no. 94 shows no sign of stopping. I’ve since brought three of the for missing issues and have one more to get locate to complete my collection.

Even this wonderfuly monthly mag can leave you wanting a little bit more so it’s off to the internet for a bit of a search to see what’s around. It’s amazing what the sheer volume of fanzines, emags and online publications there are and some are authorised reproductions of classic magazines from the 70’s to early 90’s that have been digitally restored and available for download. Wheather it’s available to read directly within a web browser, PDF or CBR format, there’s plenty offer here. Here’s where my ipad really comes in to play as it makes reading these great mags such a pleasure and means i’ve always got a portable archive wherever i go.

The out of print archive is a wonderful collection of reproduction magazines focusing on computers and consoles from the 80s and 90s. These are some of the UK publications that i grew up with and it’s a real buzz to see some of the articles again after all these years. Pure nostalgic fun.

Highly recommend you check out Maximum, Mean Machines and Superplay magazine.


Fade to Black article in Maximum magazine.


The best Commodore 64 magazine of the time, Zzap64. O.k, biased here as it was my favorite mag during the 80s.

You can read online versions of Zzap64 at –


..and for ZX Spectrum fans, online copies of Crash Magazine can be found here –

I’m sure there’s plenty of other reproduction magazines out there for the likes of Amstrad, Atari and Commodore users so have a Google around.

On the fanzine front, well, you’re just spoilt for choice and pretty much all of the major (and niche) computers and consoles are covered. Here’s a few that i personally enjoy.

Commodore Free

This ones been around for ages and contains plenty of info for all you Commodore fans (especially c64 fans). There’s plenty of homebrew info here as well as scene, demo news and details of new hardware and software games for sale/download.


Classic Gamer Magazine

It’s a damn shame that there was only three issues of Classic Gamer as it’s a well presented and excellent read. The 30th anniversary of Pacman article in issue three is well worth a look.


Retro Gaming Times

Now this one’s been going for ages (169 months!) and is probably the most popular of all retro gaming fanzines. It covers a whole range of consoles and computers and is highly recommended that you take a look. Don’t let the basic look to the magazine put you off and its the content that matters here. It’s available to read online or pdf download. Another great one for tablet based reading!



All good things come to an end and it’s a shame that after four wonderful issues, the forth is the last. Still, do check out the website fron time to time as its regulaly updated with links to more fanzines and magazines.


The ZX Spectrum Book

Bit of a one shot here with it being a digital edition of an actual book but i thought I’d link it because it’s truely outstanding. It covers a whole range of classic ZX Spectrum games both bad and good and is a wonderful look back at the software released for the UK’s most popular computer.


Atari Age

Even if the magazine is based on a computer/console that doesn’t interest you (doesn’t everyone love the Atari 2600?), its fun just to flick through the mag and to look at all of the old game advertising.



Happy reading!

My iBook retro gaming section is starting to grow



Wipeout on my Playstation and Maximum magazine feature on my iPad.



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