Garage Space Invaders

With the nights drawing in and the sun setting much earlier at this time of year, having a bit of fun in the darkness doesn’t mean hanging around until late.

With a laptop, projector and a an arcade emulator had us an evening of massive Space Invaders.

Setting up on the driveway and pointing at the garage door.


Mame32 loaded, and joystick prepped. just need some virtual coinage.


First up is Sega’s Space Harrier and at this size it’s fantastic to play….for about 10 minutes and then it all gets a bit dizzy πŸ™‚


I also played a few other Sega’s classics including Outrun and Afterburner but I much preferred the minimalistic old school titles like Phoenix, Galaga & Space Invaders which look great on our darker garage door.

Big ass mothership from Phoenix.


Close up I love how the pixels shine on the reflective metal garage door. Here’s the ship from Scramble at about 2ft long.


Scramble terrain and rockets along the length of the garage door bottom.


This was so much fun, can’t wait to try it again with some Vector based games .

Here’s a quick YouTube vid of my Garage Invaders πŸ™‚


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