iOS Gaming: Warp Dash

Dammit, dammit….stupid flippin thing……….just one more go!

Warp Dash’s concept is so simple, simply pilot your ship at breakneck speed, collect the triangles dotted around the game map, fly over the ramps to increase your score…….and avoid everything else to stay alive for as long as possible!

It’s that last bit I’m having difficulty with!

At first, only two ships are available to select (Easy & Intermediate) with the third being an unlock able extra. Even on beginner it’s tough going.


A quick run through the in game instructions. Either touch or tilt controls are selectable. I prefer tilting my iPad as offers both analogue precision and quite often can get you out of a jam very quicky.


Warp Dash’s visual style is what attracted me to this game in the first place, it simply gorgeous mixing industrial scifi, Tron neon and a hint of WipeOut. Smoke, film grain and distortion has also been used to great effect giving it a dirty and all to real industrial look.


Taking to the air via one of the many ramps help increase your points as well as jumping over obstacles. The flip side to this is that you could land with a brick wall in front of you!


Warp Dash’s grungy techno beats matches the intense arcade action, speed and visual style perfectly. The sound effects are spot on and almost sync in time with the music providing a wonderful industrial, robotic soundtrack.

Warp Dash reminds me of playing WipeOut for the first time on my PS1, amazing graphics, bloody hard and some of the finest audio around at the time.

You have about a millisecond to react before slamming into the blocks.


As an extra bonus, Warp Dash has these wonderful wallpapers to use to spruce up you iOS desktop.



Stills won’t do this game justice, so here’s a quick vid link.

Even better, if you’re quick, you can download it from the app store for free!


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