Free Playstation magazine / guide

I was thumbing through a couple of old issues of Retro Gamer Magazine yesterday and came across a web link in the news section regarding a free homemade guide / magazine to the Sony Playstation. You can’t beat free so I thought i’d check it out especially as I’ve been wanting to test out ebook reading on my iPad for awhile now. The magazine is in PDF format therefore you will need a suitable reader like Adobe PDF reader (or my personal favourite – Foxit).

The front cover is a little uninspiring, but don’t let this put you off as what lies within is well written magazine containing a wealth of information regarding Sony’s grey slab of fun.


The beginning of the magazine covers the story of the Playstation and the talented people behind it’s creation including Sony’s relationship with Nintendo and the infamous shenanigans during their joint project to develop a new CD based Super Famicom.


There’s also plenty of information an photographs regarding prototype and dev models as well as concept designs for the now legendary control pads.


The last section, which takes up pretty much the bulk of the magazine, is a complete listing of every NTSC title ever released for console. Only the basic information is included which might be useful to some folk pages dedicated to key games picked for Sony’s extensive software library.


It’s a great read and well worth a look….especially at this price 🙂

PSX – The Guide To The Sony Playstation by Kevin Bryan


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