Mini-Mini Mame Arcade Cabinet Pt3

Last week I mentioned I was starting work on an intial cardboard mock up of my mini mini Mame cab – (see blog post ) I had every intention of building this during my lunch hour on Thurs/Friday and post a few pictures but I didn’t get very far as it was so manic in the the world of I.T. last week.

Here’s how things were looking by end of Friday –

A few bits of scrap cardboard,  the odd tool, a rough sketch on a Post-It Note and I’m ready to go. Here, I’ve just started on the Control Panel (lower) and the base/back panel (top).

Here’s the Control Panel attached to the base and back panel. At this stage the whole thing was very wobbly therefore I’ve had to pack the inside of the Control Panel with cardboard supports.

That’s about as far as I’d got until lunchtime today.

With the bottom and back panel completed, I was able to draw the side profile onto another piece of card to  make the side panels. Once the first panel was cut, I used this as a template for cutting the other side panel. As you can see, plenty of tape used!

With the top and after musing it over, the marque  attached to the side panels next up was to ‘install’ the controls – This is care of a dumpy screwdriver and a hand drawn buttons 🙂 I’ve also added a cardboard template which has been cut to the exact measurement of my netbook screen so that I can check the fitting.

My finished MiniMame Cab prototype model, complete with Space Invaders 😉

Although I didn’t have my Netbook with me, I just had to see what it looked like with my iPad. It got a few laughs in the office!

Testing it out with Galaxian’s 30th Anniversary edition for iPad.

Now that I’m happy with the basic  build, I’ll collect wood material this weekend and hopefully get to make a start. Any suggestions for artwork?


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