Retro Gaming: Berzerk Redux – C64

Intruder alert…….Intruder alert!


Thanks to the heads up from a fellow retro gamer (cheers Max) I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this brilliant remake of Sterns 80’s classic arcade hit ‘Berzerk’ for the Commodore 64. What’s special about this particular version is that it recreates the arcade original perfectly including those infamous robotic speech samples to terrorise you throughout the game.

Berzerk is a simple game to play. Navigate each screen maze (without touching the electrified walls) and avoid the robotic guards programmed to exterminate you. Thankfully you’re packing heat so blast em away if they get to close. Hang around too long and Evil Otto will appear to hunt you down so run like hell. I’m not sure how many maze’s there are in this version but the original had some like 64,000. As you progress, the robots move and fire much quicker so you better have you wits about you.


I don’t recall playing the original arcade game but seeing these screenshots immediately bring back memories of playing this on my Atari 2600. Sadly, in this version the speech is missing but I’ve read that there’s a modern hacked 2600 version which does contain the digitised samples.

Berzerk Redux is available in .d64 format allowing you to run it on a range of Commodore 64 emulators like Vice64 or Frodo. If you have the means, it’s certainly worth transferring and playing it on a real Commodore.

Berzerk Redux – by Martin Piper


If you’ve never played Berzerk before and are thinking ‘it looks very basic’, well yes I suppose it does. Play it though, and you’ll soon become hooked.

Here’s a short YouTube link of me playing it on my Netbook (via Vice64) and just for fun, via FrodoDs on my NintendoDS 🙂


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