Getting ready for our big event at the Retro Computer Museum.

In two weeks (Sept 17th) the Retro Computer Museum holds it’s very first event since moving into its new home and today has been all about getting everything ready for the big day.

Here’s a few photos from today.

Simon was able to fit the new keyboard membrane i’d taken down with me. This is a much better membrane than before making the keys even better than as new. Of course, we needed to test is out so what better than a quick go on the excellent port of Defender.

Again, thanks to Simon, RCM now own’s a Nintendo Virtual Boy. I’ve only had a quick go on one of these before so I’m really looking forward to some serious game time on Nintendo’s odd ball console.

Richard carries out a few last minute repairs.

Various computers and consoles ready for use, including the Campus Lynx and Dragon 64.

Old school gaming corner. You’ll usually find me on the Oric’s, playing Defence Force.

DOS Gaming PC and a few more modern (ish) consoles like the Sega Saturn, PSX1/2 and Panasonic 3DO.

Amiga 1200, Atari ST, TI99, Phillips CDI, Commodore SX64, Sega MegaCD, SNES and of course the Sega Dreamcast.

Lots of lovely machines here including the Atari 800xl and the Sord M5.

For more information on the Retro Computer Museum, it’s events and lively forum, please visit at


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