Custom made scale arcade cabinet models

Haven’t got room to house your very own arcade cabinet? Can’t afford that huge vintage Starwars cockpit cabinet? Spouse said you can only own one cabinet….and it has to live in the garage (well, at least you’ve let me have one hon!) Well take a look at these custom made scale model arcade cabinets over at –

Perfect for any retro gamer’s desktop/shelf and at only 5″ – 6″ tall, shouldn’t get you into any trouble from non retro gaming partners 🙂

I came across these great looking models on eBay after spotting a model of a Zaccaria Space Pirate cabinet. Being the same cabinet used for my own Zaccaria Phoenix albeit different side art I contacted the owner to see if he could produce a model for me. So far, the email I received from Steven looks promising. I’ll post more on this when I hear more.

Always like the White and Green of the Galaxians cab.


Zaccaria Space Pirate….and hopefully Zaccaria Phoenix soon.


Much cheaper than owning an original, check put the detailing.


….or if you want to go down the DIY route, check out papercade at ‘the way of the rodent’.

Here’s my old n battered paper Pac Man cab.



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