The 50 Greatest Arcade Cabinets of all time?

Not all classic arcade games were great, in fact some were really terrible, but many of them stood out because of the design of the cabinet, whether it’s the shape, great artwork, or some fun novel twist that helps immerse the player in the digital world.

I came across this great article posted on I-Mockery that lists their top 50 greatest arcade cabinets of all time

Some of the pictures brought back many happy memories although a few of my favorites are missing

Buggy Boy (1985) Triple screen model.

Atari’s TX-1 might have been the first triple screen arcade machine I’d played, but Buggy Boy played like no other racing game I’d played up until then. I seemed to recall the one I used to play had webbing down the side ‘window’ similar to real off road racers, but again, this might have been artistic flair of our local the arcade owner.

Space Harrier Deluxe (1985) – Great artwork covers nearly ever inch of Sega’s classic Space Harrier. In you were lucky enough to get to go on the deluxe model with moving cockpit you was in for one helluva ride.

Spy Hunter (1983) – Upright – Although some would prefer the deluxe cockpit model, it’s the upright white box that appeals to me. Spy Hunter also contains the coolest looking controller of all time.

Missile Command (1980) – Upright. Who cannot fall in love with this cabinet. It’s quirky shape, stunning artwork, one of the best control panel decals and that massive black trackball. Sadly, not many of them knocking around now, but was fortunate to have a go on this beautifully restored cabinet at Retro Reunited back in 2009 (see blog post –

Other favorites incude


Wec Lemans



Daytona Racing

What’s your favourite?


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