Retro Gaming: Online Sierra adventure games.

Next to Lucasart, Sierra produced some of the finest graphic adventure games around in the 80’s and 90’s keeping happy PC DOS users like myself entertained for hours.

I often return to many of these excellent games today thanks to the wonderful DOSbox and have recently found a site that’s hosting authorised online versions available to play directly in your web browser.


At the moment, the following games are available –

Kings Quest: Quest for the Crown

Police Quest: In Pursuit of Death Angel

Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter

The Black Cauldron

Gold Rush!

Even better, iPad owners get tablet versions of these great games which have been optimised for touchscreen. At the moment only The Black Cauldron and Gold Rush! are available for iPad so I’ll be checking back often in the hope that they’ll release my favourite’s Police Quest and Larry games soon.

The Black Cauldron on my iPad



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