My tech reward

At the end of Febuary I’d decided once and for all to quit smoking cigarettes. I’d half heartily tried this in the past and only managed a few days before being sucumed to these devilishly addictive little things. I’d hoped that this time was going to be different and went into it with determined passion. Once I’d got over those initial few weeks (tough few weeks) things started to get easier as time progressed to a point where I didn’t even think/crave about them anymore. So here I am, nearly five month later, smoke free and wondering why I even started smoking in the first place. Ask any ex smoker and they’ll tell you that the sense of freedom from cigarettes is such a great feeling.

One of the things that had really helped during this time was to take the equivalent cash value of what I would have spent each day on cigarettes and place this to one side. So….As I would usually smoke a packet of cigarettes a day, I would put the £5.50 to one side.

As you can imagine,in a few days, this little pile of cash started to mount up and up and up! As reward I’ve been treating myself to a few new tech gadgets (my new NAS server being one) and yet this little pile of cash kept growing and growing until it was in the hundreds and it’s here that it hits you how much smoking cigarettes actually costs…not to mention the health risks blah blah blah.

As a bigger reward for making just shy of six months smoke free (and to spend some of this lovely cash) i decided to buy a bit of tech that I’ve been drooling over for some time now.

Yep, got myself an iPad 2


It’s only been a few days but I’m just loving this device, it simply works so well. I thought my iPhone was cool but this is just fantastic. I won’t bore you with the details as the web is full of dedicated sites and reviews but as a companion device for my camera/photography and having so many wonderful apps and my digital content with me at a swipe of a finger….beats smoking any day!

I wrote this post on my iPad thanks to the wonderful WordPress app. I hope I didn’t leave too many typo’s unchecked 🙂

My very best wishes and good luck to all those folk out there who have decided to quit smoking.



4 responses to “My tech reward

  1. well done on your non smoking mate.

    Only one mistake
    “I though my iPhone”
    but not really a spelling mistake eh.

    Heres to not smoking.
    Good health

  2. I have quited smoking five years ago. Honestly say, I never felt myself so great after being doing something which actualy were extremely hard for me. But for the sake of getting rewarded, I did the best I ever could. Non-smoker could never realize, how is like it feels to be free of smoking. The only thing smoking does is ADDICTION! Just imagine, that millions of people all over the World praying for quit smoking. Not many getting lucky, though… The rest of them never escaped the sigarettes hell. I did. Now I feel sorry for being so stupid, because of destroying myself for many years. It is not money makes the point, but life itself, believe me!

    So, I hope you won’t ever return to this! My congratulations on your efforts! Unfortunately, I had to undergo some treatment, because I could not resist it by myself.

    p.s. Pardon for my French… I am Russian… 🙂

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