Retro computer graphics tools.

This past week, friends on my social network have all been excited about a fun little web app that been released for converting a digital photo to make it look like it was created on the Commodore C64. For retro computers fans, it’s well worth checking out!

You may recall that  I’d done something similar in Photoshop for my c64 ITX PC project some time ago (see blog post ) but this web app make the whole process a lot easier and doing a comparison to my earlier photoshop attempt looks much more authentic than my own DIY effort.


Having browsed to you are presented with the familiar Commodore 64 boot screen, and prompted to drag/drop an image from your harddrive which you want to convert (note, this does not overwrite your original image). For this example, I’ve used the Windows XP Bliss wallpaper again.

Once you’ve done that, the image is processed and whilst you wait, you’re presented with those famous loading bars reminiscent of many C64 game loads…those were the days!

…and here we go – Microsoft Windows XP, Commodore C64 style!

If you think this is fun and want to take things a few steps further, I highly recommend you check out the wonderfully titled ‘Retro X’. It’s a very feature rich program that can be used to convert digital images to a whole host of retro computer formats including Sinclair Spectrum, Atari, MSX, Commodore,Tandy and many more.

Here’s my original image –


MGT – Sam Coupe


Acorn Electron

ZX Spectrum

Amstrad CPC

Atari ST

Commodore C64

Commodore Amiga ECS (HAM mode).

Check out Retro X at


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