Roz Roams

The sun is shining and although there’s much to be down out in the garden, I hope to take the time out to sit back and enjoy the glorious sunshine with a good book.

Timing couldn’t be better, as my latest Amazon book order arrived yesterday containing one such read I’m been meaning to pick up since Christmas and duly prompted again since following the  authors current journey which is ongoing as I type this post.

The book is called ‘Rowing the Atlantic -lessons learned on the open ocean” by Roz Savage.

Roz Savage, a latecomer to life of adventure, was previously a management consultant in a London office. In 2005, she competed in the 3,000-mile Atlantic Rowing Race, becoming the sixth woman to row solo across the ocean. In 2010, she became the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean, a distance of 8,000 miles

I first came across Roz’s Pacific journey a few years ago via the TWiT Netcast Network who hosted a weekly live podcast with Roz from the ocean waves throughout her epic journey. I highly recommend you take a look at these whilst they’re still available to download –

I’ll also mention here that I’m a huge fan of Leo Laporte and it you want the very best in technology based podcasts, this is the place to be! Highly recommend you start with ‘This week in Tech’ and go from there.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and a browse though iTunes to download  my latest batch of podcasts, I came across Roz’s latest venture and subsequent weekly podcast as she rows from Australia to India. Again, brilliant stuff and they can be found under title ‘Roz Roams’.

For further reading, it’s well worth checking out Roz’s website were you can follow her journey via her daily blog posts, twitter feeds, Flickr photos etc etc. You can even sponsor some miles!

Anyway…gotta go, need to finish off those odd jobs quickly so I can start this book asap!

(simply the best technology audio/video podcast network and have been a fan of Leo Laporte for many years).


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