Retro Computer Museum Gaming Event May 2011

Although the Retro Computer Museum’s May gaming event was held a few weekends ago, I haven’t had the chance to upload  photos and video i’d taken during the weekend.

Things kick off on Friday afternoon at HQ where I met most of the admin staff and we loaded our cars with all the computer systems, consoles, equipment, games, tables &  what seemed like 100’s of TV’s & monitors!

Jim playing a game of ‘TV Tetris’ as he tries to cram yet another TV into his MPV. I think in the end he got 35 in there whilst I managed about 32 (small ones at that!).

With everything loaded and ready to be transported to the venue, we all had a well deserved break and a bite to eat. It was such a lovely evening we enjoyed  alfresco dining using a few tables we had left over. Suffice to say, this was a laugh a minute meal as it usually is when we get together.

Dave’s (fish), Soph, Andy, Alex, Phu, Jim, Arthur & Jon (hand!)

You may recal my photoshop digital makeover of a few classic computers the other week (see blog post –, well as promised, Dave had them blown up to poster and size for wall decoration….and as you can see, I’m quite chuffed with them 🙂

Heading to the venue in one convoy (complete with lots of rubber duck references & singing of the signature film score) we arrived at the venue and spent the next few hours setting everything up.

Here’s a quick video I shot, during Fridays setup.

We finished setup rather late on Friday and by the time I got home it was already into the early hours of Saturday morning…and a few hours later it was morning and time to head back down to Leicester again for final prep work and system check.

Just a few of the systems available to use.

The MGT Sam Coupe was ready for use now that we’d fitted a new keyboard membrane. It’s so nice to see an old system up and running again and with the likes of a very smooth Defender port should see plenty of action throughout the weekend.

More uncommon Sord M5 drew quite a crowd, with many not being familiar with it.

The custom Acorn Atom with colour GFX card certainly turned a few heads too.

Doors opened on Saturday & Sunday and was great once again to catch up with friends and regulars to the scene as well as meeting host of new faces.

Here’s a quick walk-through on the 70 odd systems available to play

Andy Spencer (friend and owner of RCM) poses next to his giant Miner Willy he’d knocked up as part of a new demo.

The chaps from Psytronik software were there too allowing gamers to sample and purchase some of the best remakes around. Pictured is the brilliant remake of the classic Commodore C64 shooter Armalyte. Sadly (for the 2nd event in a row) I forgot about buying myself a copy!

It’s so nice to see another Phoenix arcade cabin with different artwork as opposed to my own. It played like a dream too with all credits being donated to RCM.

After being repaired by Karl & Jim, RCM’s bartop MAME cab is once again in full working order…Dave seems to be enjoying himself.

Down to some serious business now. I had my high score of 650,000 to beat on Defence Force on the Oric -1. Despite getting absolutely nowhere on Saturday I was back for ‘just one more go’. This time I had Jon behind me with words of encouragement.

About an hour and a half and with aching wrists I done it…and I think I’ll leave it at that as I don’t think I’ll ever beat it again….maybe? 🙂

Actually I thought the game had ended here and was in the middle of a victory dance when another level started (or looped?) – Here’s the final score. Can you beat it?

Max and Jackie playing the 128k version of Elite on their seriously pimped BBC  Micro.

Max was kind enough to give me the whistle-stop tour of his Beeb. Some seriously nice addons here and may look into the kit provided by the RetroClinic for my own BBC.

I happen to win a few items on the raffle as well as picking up a few bargains from Andy & Steve. I’ll post more on these in a later post.

This is the first full weekend event that RCM have hosted and from the feedback, comments and our observations over the weekend, we think it went pretty well and look forward to many many more.

By 11pm on Sunday evening, everything had been packed up, shipped back to HQ and home again. Completely shattered but very happy!

Other happy gamers – Duncan, Andy, Paul, Dave, Jim, Arthur, Vinney & myself and Mark battling out on Sensible Soccer on Simon’s Amiga.


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