Retro Computer digital makeover.

I was tidying up a few photographs the other day with Adobe Photoshop & whilst chatting to some of the chaps from the Retro Computer Museum (RCM) an idea popped into my head to create some custom art based on a couple of classic computers.

At first, I was going to reuse  photo’s  I’d taken whilst attending various classic computer events but couldn’t find the right picture/angle I was looking for. So…giving my Commodore 64 & ZX Spectrum a wipe over, headed outside to photograph them.

Having transferred the files to my PC, I fired up Photoshop and made various adjustments to both color and light. Then, I used the clone stamp and spot heal brush to ‘clean up’ various areas (but not wanting to remove the old charm).

I also used the clone stamp to remove some of the lettering on the keys & then with a combination of layers, vanishing point & text tools was able to replace the lettering on the keys/surround with something more meaningful to the museum.

To be honest, it was only a throw away idea, but I’m quite chuffed  with the results. Some of the chaps seemed quite keen and one of the admins is having some of the high-res examples I produced blown up to scale and printed for the museum!

Here they are –

C64 with RCM ‘Runstop’ logo

ZX Spectrum Retro Computer Museum (RCM) keyboard.


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