Whoa, loads of visitors!

It’s looks like Commodore USA’s rescent release of there new C64 & Vic inspired PC’s has resulted in lots of search results ending up on my page because of my little C64 ITX project I did some time ago. I nearly fell over when I saw the stats, I’ve had more visitors today than the past few months added together.

Although it’s great to see Commodore back again in some form or another, those new C64 shaped PC’s are chuffin expensive.  Save yourself a few notes and if you want authenticity, buy yourself a cheap vintage original C64 on eBay and mod  it yourself*

*Note, although the original Commodore 64 is not an endangered species, please ensure that you mod a faulty unit rather than a working model. Those that are still in working condition should be given the respect they deserve. It is perfectly acceptable to whisper sweet nothings to your C64 & cover it with a blanket before you go to bed 🙂



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