Bumper retro computer collection for cleaning/testing.

Last a week, a friend of a friend (cheers fella’s) gave me quite a collection of old computers, floppy drives, joysticks, software and  odd bits of hardware. Most just needed a good clean but the odd one will get the RetroBright treatment soon.

Commodore C64, C64c, C128, Plus/4 & Vic20 – Acorn  Electrons, Atom & Speccy.

Amongst these was a rather nice BBC Model B, Monitor, twin floppy drive and a 28mb Viglen external harddrive. The HDD intrigued me as I’ve never had the opportunity to have a play around with before.

28mb – I bet that was HUGE back in the day!

Sadly, the BBC computer lacked the relivent ADFS Rom so I was unable to test it. It appeared to power on o.k. and sounded like a jet engine!

Fast forward to yesterday and a trip down to see my mates at the Retro Computer Museum HQ. I took the harddrive with me and we connected it to a BBC Master.

Result! – Glad to see it’s working o.k and have now donated it their collection.

Whilst I was there, I had the chance to get my mitts on Alex’s new Commdore C64 SD adaptor. I have a similar device myself (Ultimate 1541 Cart) but I’m always interested in any modern storage devices for older computers (especially Commodore).  In a few weeks, I should have another homemade C64 SD adaptor which I’ll post pictures when I get it.


Loading a stored C64 game took less than a few seconds.

More homemade hardware to sample and as a HUGE  Oric -1/Atmos  fan, have been looking forward to seeing. This is an Oric Microdrive unit that allow  software to load directly from 3″ floppy disks in seconds as opposed to veeeery slow tapes.

Sadly,  before heading up to RCM HQ the day before, Richard gave it one final test and has blown something somewhere and it’s refusing to work. Hopefully he can get his beta version working again and can start producing a few more – suffice to say, I’ll be getting one!

Oric –  Defence Force running on an Amiga?…I wish 🙂

We managed to set up the second Commodore SX64 – Sadly it ‘sounds’ like a faulty SID chip but once it’s replaced it should make another fine addition to the collection. One day, just one day i’ll have my own SX64 (- pretty please Mrs StiGGy!)


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