MAME Arcade Control Panel : Part 3

I’ve been mostly working out in the garage and making small adjustments to the Control Panel and preparing it for painting.

Yesterday I added a few wooden batons to both sides and front of the control panel so that it sits nicely on to the cabinet and doesn’t slide about.

Getting it to fit perfectly was a little trial and error really. Maybe the old cabinet woodwork has warped a little in the +20 years since it was original built?

In the end, after fitting, adjusting and fitting again, it all started to come together and pretty much replicated the fitting of the original control panel.

With the fixtures in place, time to give the whole panel a good sanding prior to painting.

Oops, have taken a picture of the wrong side 🙂 ..and I was so proud of my smooth finish!

With regards to painting and detailing, I’ve seen lots of amazing examples on the internet complete with custom artwork, graphics, lights and plexi glass. However, as my cab is very colourful as it stands, with its full side artwork and colorful marquee & glass panel I thought I’d keep the CP very plain so as not to insult the eyes too much!

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to go with an all gloss black finish which should make the buttons and joystick stand out quite nicely. If it’s not smooth enough, I may go down the route of installing a plexi glass finish.

For the actual paint, I’ll be using two spray based products designed for wood/metal and then a high gloss seal if required. I’ve not used either before but my tests show they give a nice finish. For reference, they are Rust-OLeum Surface Primer & Rust-OLeum black gloss enamel.

It’s really cold outside in the garage and ideal temperature (according to the manufacturer instructions) is between 10c – 25c. Well it’s bearly 4c at the mo so I’ve decided to deck out the study with protection and spray in there instead. I’ve rested the CP on a couple of plastic plant pots and have used a large piece of polystyrene I found in the garage to act as a guard. I’ll be able to move this around as I spray.

Don’t want to get into any trouble with Mrs Stiggy 🙂

The first coat seems to have gone on o.k and will apply the second this afternoon and then i’ll leave it overnight before I begin the gloss base and top coat. In the meantime I’ll start working on rebuilding the coin door/mechanism.


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