Mame Arcade Control Panel Pt1

Today I’ve removed the original CP and taken various measurements which I’ll be using to construct a new replacement.

It looks like the insides could do with another scrub, it’s  been a while since I’ve had the CP and back panel removed!

When fitted, the original CP tilts downwards very slightly towards the player with the furthest away part being used to help secure the glass monitor bezel. The CP is a heavy block of wood that’s been routered on the underside reducing th thickness in places for the rear mounted joystick & buttons. The two metal brackets in the picture below attach to adjustable  ‘hook/bracket things’ inside the cab and when tightened ensure that the CP is securely attached.  I’ll be reusing these on my new CP.

Most of the CP actually sits inside the cab, with only a few millimeters raised about the cab frame. Here’s the front of the CP showing the routed lip which provides a nice rounded front edge.

and here’s the back end showing the angled cut to compensate for the slight angle the CP is tilted towards the player.

My routing skills aren’t up to the job of recreating an exact replica so what I’m aiming to do here is to use a thinner piece of wood overall and use wooden batons on the underside to build up the  thickness in areas needed (mainly the sides and front). The Sanwa joystick I’ll be using will be mounted underneath the CP so the thinner the wood, the more joystick shaft I’ll have to play with….er hmm 🙂

In the end, I settled on a board with a thickness of 18mm. Quite thin but rigid enough for intense gaming. I’ve also found wooden batons that are exactly the right size so when added to the 18mm board, the overall thickness is exactly the same as the original.

Here’s a rough idea what the joystick/button layout will look like. Tomorrow, with the help of Alan, will be cutting and drilling. Once that’s done, next will be the bit i’ve been looking forward to…wiring, wiring and probably more wiring…and maybe quite a lot of swearing too 🙂

The wooden surface doesn’t look smooth in this picture. However, it’s just the rough plastic sheeting that’s making it look this way.


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