Retro gaming night at The Lass.

Every last Tuesday of the month The Lass O’Gowrie pub in Manchester hosts a retro gaming evening and having the next day off work, thought I’d make the journey up there & meet a few mates.

I haven’t been up this way since The Lass hosted last years fantastic Eurocon (see blog posts –

I decided on the scenic drive up there via Snake Pass which would see me through the high peaks and valleys of the Peak District and around Ladybower reservoir. Sadly, the heavy mist and rain prevented much in the way of whipping off a few snaps, but i plan to return in the next week or so depending on if the weather calms down a bit.

Through rush hour traffic into the heart of Manchester City centre, complete with failing sat-nav, appeared to play out like some kind of high-res video game! Got there in one piece though..just 🙂

Grabbing a drink and a bite to eat and settled down next to one of a handful of arcade cocktail cabs  and waited for the others to arrive.

It looks like The Lass has a new/old Pac-Man upright cab. Sadly no pictures as it seemed to be very popular this evening. R-Type it is then!

With DPrinny having set up a small collection of consoles in one of the side rooms (The Snug) sat down with Mark next to one of the Sega Megadrive, one hand on the controller and the other grasping one of the Lass’s amazing 2″ thick burgers.

Sensible Soccer friendly’s begin.

This evenings console collection would include Nintendo’s NES & Gamecube & Sega’s Megadrive, Saturn & Dreamcast with each having a good selection of carts & discs.

Both Gamecube (4-up Wario Ware/4-up Pacman) & Dreamcast (Soul Caliber & Sega Rally) seemed to be going down well amongst fellow gamers. For me, I was happy with Contra & Mario 3 on the NES, Panzer Dragoon on the Saturn & more & more Sensible Soccer on the Megadrive.

‘Snug’ it was. Note the shelves at the back – full of vintage Crash, C&VG, Zzap64 mags as well as a hefty collection of Retro Gamer magazines.

I need to practice my Sensi soccer skills as Mark gave me a right good ol’ thrashing. Dirty tactics & copious amount fo red cards given on both sides I managed to at least equalise a few matches 🙂

‘Stick to the rules, I will if you do..etc etc’

Had a great time yesterday evening and nice to catch up with folk again. Will be back again for more gaming nights especially the big weekend event scheduled for 16th-17th July.


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