Mame Arcade Machine pickup.

One of the RCM forum members, Simon, had offered to donate his Mame arcade cabinet to the museum and as I was reasonably close to his address I offered to pick it up and take it down to the storage unit yesterday and also meet some of the other chaps to help sort out their ever-increasing collection of hardware & software.

After taking a few measurements and removing the back three seats in Curstie’s car (and a silent prayer that they’d be enough room) I made an early start to meet up with him.

On arrival, had a nice chat with Simon and wheeled out the cab from his garage and with a bit of tugging and swearing we managed to slide it into the car without too much trouble. Thankfully, measurements where spot on and had about an about an inch of space left. Driving was fun though!

At the RCM, we unloaded and had a peek inside. Cosmetically, the woodwork is in good condition despite being stored in a cold garage. The bottom of the cab looked like it had got damp but in dry storage it should be o.k or it wouldn’t be a difficult job to replace the bottom with a new wooden skirt.

Andy opening up the front/rear panels so we can have a look-see inside.

Inside, the PC is fitted with an Arcade VGA graphics card which supports the resolution of the original arcade monitor rather than using a standard PC monitor. Ideally I’d like to get one of these cards for my own cabinet as it makes the games look so much better in the native resolutions.

Outside, the cab is fitted with two 4/8 way joysticks with six buttons per player. This is wired to the PC using a J-Pac interface board which make life so much easier when building a Mame cab as you simply connect the JAMMA wiring loom edge connector to the board. My own cab uses a I-Pac interface therefore I’ve had to connect each control wire (plus negative) to the board by hand…fun, but can be a right pain.

With the back panel off, we checked everything was intact and had survived the journey up.

Simon has also wired the  coin mechanism so that coins inserted will register credit in Mame.  For the Mame frontend it’s also nice to see that MameWAH has been used as this is my favorite frontend too.It can be a litte tricky to configure at first but contains a wealth of customisable features.

As the CRT, PC and electronics haven’t been switched on for a few years and still quite cold, we refrained from switching it on for the time being and opted to leave it for a few days. At least it’s got a bit of company now  🙂

Hopefully, Simons Mame cab will make its debut at RCM’s gaming weekend this May.


2 responses to “Mame Arcade Machine pickup.

  1. Yeah,i know what you mean. Mine took some heavy persuasion + lots of shoes/handbags and the promise that it would never ever be brought into the house. Even though it’s in the cold garage, totally love my ‘semi completed’ MAME cab.

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