Retro Gaming: Cannon Fodder Xmas edition

Sensible Software’s Cannon Fodder is one of those quintessential classic games that every Amiga owner has either owned, played or at least heard about and that no right-minded retro gamer should be without it in their collection (including the excellent 3DO version).

Released just before Christmas of ’93 it seemed that the floppy disks were a permanent resident inside my A1200 and weren’t ejected until the postman delivered my Christmas edition of Amiga Format (#54).

Not only a brilliant magazine (and a collection of magazines that I won’t part with) but the cover disk contained a very special edition of Cannon Fodder dubbed ‘Cannon Soccer’. This was a two level Christmas edition of Cannon Fodder which also played homage to Sensible Software other great hit, Sensible Soccer.

So, with Christmas approaching and feeling like a bit of festive retro gaming I thought I’d fire it up again and…head out with my fellow grunts and blow stuff up…o.k, well maybe not that festive then 🙂

My copy of AF is looking a bit dog-eared now and sadly the cover disk is long gone but I managed to track down an .adf file edition for use with WinUAE.

A quick scan through  magazine instructions just to refresh my memory…yep, shoot everything 🙂

This special Christmas edition contains two levels, ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘It’s snow time!’

Now Cannon Fodder can be a one tough game in the later stages, but this Christmas edition is rock hard…or i’m loosing my touch!

Right here we go…(Sensible Soccer) pitch invasion.

I bet the footy player wasn’t expecting gun totting defensive formations!

..and I wasn’t expecting a bazooka carrying goalie!

The second levels starts off a little easier with only a few natives to deal with.

..but soon hots up with helicopters, bazookas and gun turrets..Run away!

War is not fun, but Cannon Fodder Christmas edition certainly is!




4 responses to “Retro Gaming: Cannon Fodder Xmas edition

  1. Wow! Really cool! Do you still have that coverdisk? If so, can you make a disk image and share with me? I’d be very pleased!

  2. Thank you so much!!! By the way, there are a lot of ways to get ADF floppy images back to disks. I have just googled the most simple way how to transfer those images without all those null-modem cables, PC and etc. Since you’re an experienced user, you might be already know about it. But, for any case here is the link:

    p.s. Your blog is so much awesome! It is so much pity, there is no such events like retro-computer parties and festivals and so on in my region…

  3. Hi there,

    Many thanks for the tips and link, I must admit it’s been a while since I’ve transferred .adf files so these will really come in handy.

    Thanks also for kind words regarding my blog, I really appreciate it!

    Kind regards


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