Retro Gamer Magazine #84 Christmas Edition.

Although it’s been out for a few day’s,  I’ve just got my mitts on the latest edition of Retro Gamer Magazine #84 thanks to Curstie and her Saturday morning shopping expeditions.

As soon as I saw the cover it made me smile. Firstly, it’s a Christmas cover, secondly, it’s painted by the legendary Oliver Frey and thirdly, it harks back to the days of classic computer magazines of the eighties such as Crash, Commodore User and my favorite Zzap!64

There was much talk on the RG forum that there wouldn’t be a Christmas cover but it was all a ruse 🙂 Gaz and co. have come up trumps with this one so thank you very much!

And here’s that classic Zzap64 cover from 1985 side by side 25 years on 🙂 Love it!

I’ve only had chance to have a quick peek but it’s looking like a bumper issue with lots of great content to look forward too including a review of R3play, behind the scenes of the classic Amiga Shooter – Banshee, a look back at Ocean Softwares ‘The Untouchables’ (Brilliant on the C64 and Spectrum) and much much more all wrapped up in Christmas bunting.

And finally…after 84 issues, a look back at one of my most favorite games – Stunt Car Racer on the Commodore Amiga.

..and what’s that in the bottom right of the page..Wooooooohooooooo, they’ve used one of my images. Sure it’s only a the size of a postage stamp but who cares. RG (and especially Craig) thank you so much…you’ve made my Christmas 🙂

Here’s my original blog post –


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