Retro Gaming – Favorite Epyx sporting events.

Throughout the mid eighties Epyx Computer software released some of the very best multi-sport games and I recall endless hours with friends picking various events from each Epyx title and creating our very own massive Olympic style game’a’thon. Throw in a few events from other multi sport games such as Skate or Die, Run the Gauntlet, Combat School & Daley Thompsons Decathlon and with eight players,  hours can turn into days 🙂

Even though most of the Epyx games are pushing 25 years old now, they’ll still very playable and lots of laughs. Some can also be found on the Nintendo Wii -Commodore 64 channel.

Taken from the C64 versions, here’s my fav top 10 events.

#10 Javelin – Summer Games II (1985)

A nice and easy one to get things started, coupled with a silky smooth animated runner and scrolling. Simply hammer away at the fire button to build up speed and tap left to angle the Javelin before the fault line.

StiGGy’s best score – 93.1 meters

# 9 Cliff Diving – World Games (1986)

Lots of fun hugging the cliff for as long as possible before making the perfect dive. Press fire to launch, and use up/down to control your drive. As you enter the water, press left or you’ll hit the bottom of the pool!

StiGGy’s best score – 90 points

# 8 Ski Jump – Winter Games (1985)

Quite a tricky one is this and is often sheer luck that you can land safely. Press fire to begin you decent down and press fire again at the end of the ramp. Control your ski’s with the joystick/keys directions making sure you don’t over compensate and crash land.

StiGGy’s best score 196.6 points

# 7 High Jump – Summer Games II (1985)

Back to the track for this one as you try to beat your mates with the highest jump. Gather speed with left/right combination, slow at first and then progressively faster. Press fire to make your jump (don’t press fire too late) and as you reach the bar, press up so that your legs don’t catch the bar.

StiGGy’s best score 2.05 meters

#6 Platform diving – Summer Games (1984)

This diving event offers a greater challenge than cliff diving and allows you to compete across  different dive types. Easy to mess up but rewarding if you can time it right enabling you to climb up the overall leaderboard.

StiGGy’s best scores

Forward – 126.10 points

Back – 140.00 points

Reverse – 175.75 points

Inwards – 172.75 points

#5 Foot Bag – California Games (1987)

A great event to really show off your skills. If all goes well, smug grins abound but it’s very easy to mess things up! Hit the bird of extra points.

StiGGy’s best score – 26,750 points

#4 Pole Vault – Summer Games (1984)

Select the bar height and pole grip (low, med & high), press space to start running and press down to plant your pole as close to the bar as possible (I find lowering the pole just after the 4th flag). Press right to whip yourself up, not forgetting to press fire to release your jumper up and over the bar. It’s one tough event that i’ve never managed to crack.

StiGGy’s best score – 5.5 meters

# Weight Lifting – World Games (1986)

I love this event, as you try to see who can lift the most. Timing is critical, from various moves to how long to stay in each position. I love the subtle animation on the character sprite when he checks his grip. It’s what’s so great about these series.

StiGGy’s best scores

Snatch – 195kg

Clean and jerk – 160kg

#2 Surfing – California Games (1987)

Surf’s up! Build up speed by making small jumps before trying out a 180 jump and spend a little time in the tube. My favorite event from California Games.

StiGGy’s best score – 6.3 points

#1 Barrel Jumping – World Games (1986)

They should make Barrel Jumping part of the Winter Olympics, it would be so cool to watch 🙂 Build up speed slowly with left/right combination gradually getting faster and faster. At the jump line (or just after if you can time it right) hit the fire button and soar over the barrels not forgetting to press down just before landing.

StiGGy’s best score – 14 Barrels

If you haven’t tried any of the Epyx sporting games, you need to…right now 🙂

Summer Games

Winter Games

World Games

Summer Games II

The Games: Summer Edition

The Games: Winter Edition

Califonia Games

California Games II




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