Tablet Netbook shopping.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, thoughts wonder to what the jolly fella might stuff down our chimney this year and here’s hoping he’s reading this post, finds that I’m on his ‘been good this year’ list and takes note.

Ever since my HP TX1000 tablet laptop gave up and refused function despite marginal success with the old ‘penny’ trick – See blog post I’ve been on the lo0k out for a suitable replacement.

Originally, I was thinking about going down the route of the Apple iPad after a work colleague had let me test drive his own during lunch breaks. It certainly is a fine piece of kit with a touch screen that’s simply outstanding. Pricewise, the base model is within budget but with only 16gb storage and no 3G it seems a bit pointless to be honest. Bump up another £70 for the 32gb mode or another £170 for the 64gb model, add another £100 for the 3G, then ££ for the case, ££ for the dock and keyboard and more ££ for the camera kit it starts to get a little silly really.

…and to be honest, with a cheaper Linux or Windows based netbook I won’t have any storage issues, won’t need an external keyboard (yes the iPad has a very good on screen keyboard but nothing beats proper keys) and the scope to do/run pretty much whatever I like on it and in some cases won’t have to re purchase stuff I already own from the app store. For example, I can run VM DOS and X- Wing on a netbook 🙂

So, with a tick list of requirements, I’ve found these two jazzy looking netbooks with rotating touch screens for those times when I want to read in portrait mode.

First up is the Acer’s 11.5 Tablet Netbook, the Acer Aspire 1825 PT

I really like the look of this one, has all the right connection ports, wireless, HDMI and bluetooth as well as plenty of Ram to throw at Windows 7  (would prefer XP) so hopefully it doesn’t chug along.

The alternative to the Acer, is this very dapper looking Packard Bell Butterfly Touch (also available in Red).

This has similar specs to the Acer base model and is priced slightly under the iPad base model at £400.

O.k, so both netbooks are heavier than the iPad, probably have less battery life, no doubt weight a damn sight more, not have the same touch screen experience and viewing angles but I’m certainly intrigued to take closer look at them. I’ve managed to locate a store that has both models stocked therefore some time before now and mid December, will no doubt go and visit to check them out in person.

You still reading this Santa?



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