Lugging Retro

Yesterday, myself and a couple of the RCM chaps got together to move some of the retro computer hardware and software from one storage to another. Although back breaking work, it was laugh a minute all day and thanks to Stuart and his van, various cars and Curstie’s MPV, we managed to get about 70-80% of it moved so far.

All the chaps, figuring out what is going to go where. Me behind the camera already wondering when the first cuppa would come.

Couple of shelve units for the hardware storage. Lots more of these to erect.

The first van load gets unloaded. Kudos to Mike nursing an injured wrist and still able to lug various TV and monitors about.

The first of the arcade machines arrives and a heavy bogger it was too!

..and so were some of the TV sets.

Back at the old storage unit, room 1 is slowly getting emptied.

..but still lots more to pack in the main room with endless three deep rows of cassettes, carts and disks.

With the first few loads moved, time to catch a quick lunch. Pinkies raised!

More stuff to be moved into the lift, through the corridors and into the back of my car.

Starting to get somewhere now although lots to sort through.

This room, empty this morning is now almost full. By now, all of us were starting to creak a little.

A mountain of retro computer goodies

..and with the light fading and sore everything, time to catch ones breath and congratulate each other for how much stuff we got moved.

It hurts to even smile 🙂

Mike, Stuart, Jim’bob, Andy, Richard and myself.

p.s One last thing, Richard has kindly given me a home built light pen for my MB Vectrex. Can’t wait to try it. Need sleep first!



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