16 responses to “Commodore 64 ITX PC slideshow

  1. Nice project! I’ve been thinking of doing something similar to run Commodore OS on. I don’t really like their new machines and they are wildly overpriced. I’m just waiting to spot a cheap broken breadbin on ebay that I can sacrifice.

  2. Thanks a lot my friend. Yeah Commodore OS is pretty cool, still got it running on a test pc next to me. Have to agree, those new c64 pcs are way overpriced, much better to do your own….as well as a fun project. Hope you managed to pick one up on eBay, there’s usually quite a few
    knocking around. Don’t worry if it’s all yellowed etc you can always bring it back as new with a spot of RetroBrite.

  3. Hi there,
    cool and inspiring project!
    I’m currently doing the same thing, just with a C-16 case and DN2800 board.
    Until the board is shipped, I wonder where I could put this additional cooling fan, you’ve mentioned.
    Would it be too much to ask, if you could upload an image of the installed fan?


  4. Hey Dirk, thanks for your comments. That motherboard you’ve picked sure looks nice with plenty of high end features too. With the means for an external PSU, hopefully it’ll give you plenty of breathing space inside the case.

    The darker C16 is such a great case, you’ll have to provide a link if you post any pictures as I’d love to see it once completed.

    I’m not sure if I’d taken any photos of mine with the fan installed as it wasn’t long afterwards that I needed said fan as a temporary replacement (which then became permanent) in another PC and I didn’t refit one into the c64. Although it ran slightly warmer it was nowhere anywhere near in the dangerzone and believe me I certainly was in no rush to cook it 🙂

    Looking at your board and low profile heat sink, I don’t think you’ll have any problems fitting a slim fan on top of the fins by if you do and assuming the mobo ports will be at the rear of the case, you’ll have a good inch of unused space at the front of the C16 case and therefore room to install one or two mini fans there.

    To be honest mate, try it without, run it for awhile in bios and keep an eye of the temps. You’d be surprised how cool these modern day ITX run.

    Feel free to come back to me if you have any questions during your build.

    Kind regards


  5. Hey StiGGy, thanks for your quick response. I always thought, you’ve attached the fan to the case. That’s why was curious, because I couldn’t find a proper location for the fan.
    Well, I simply follow your advice and keep an eye on the temperatures first (once the board arrives).


  6. Stiggy, awesome job on the build!! Great job with the keyboard. How has that keyboard worked running Windows apps?

    Thanks for the comment and for following my Commotosh build at dominionproject.wordpress.com

  7. Hey Carl, thanks for your comments too. The c64 keyboard works just great with Windows thanks to the Keyrah interface adaptor that transforms the original c64 keyboard to that of a regular PC keyboard.

    Obviously there’s not a full 102 key set on the c64 keyboard so rather cleverly, the Keyrah has it’s own macro set allowing two key presses to register a PC key.

    The C= key is now the Windows key.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your build photos

    Kind regards


  8. Cool project!

    Will probably build a similar project but with an Intel DN2800MT motherboard and a 64GB mSATA drive instead. I already got the Keyrah installed and will use the computer for C64 emulation and HD movie playback on my TV. The Intel DN2800MT is also low-profile and it got a HDMI port too 🙂

  9. Hey Mackie, sounds like a great motherboard for your own c64 project and a great basis for a media centre. I hope all goes well and that maybe you visit again and post some photo links once you’ve completed it as its always nice to see other peoples builds.

    Many thanks


  10. I ditched both my Raspberry PI and mini-itx C64 plans and went for an Android MK808 TV-stick instead and it works GREAT with the C64 Keyrah!! I can even use joysticks without any additional configuration when using the AnVICEX64 app. I can really recommende the MK808 since it’s only about $50 (check out dx.com) and it can run all sort of apps, even an Amiga 500 emulator (I’m using AnUAE4All)

  11. Hey there and yes those MK808 bricks sure are a superb bit of kit. My friend Mike was showing me his a few months ago and was amazed by how much umpf that little thing has, whether its for HD stuff in XBMC/Media Centre, emulation or even modern gaming.

    It’s on my list so will be hopefully getting one soon as I’m thinking about ditching (well, redeploying) my ITX based HTPC for one of these instead.

    Interesting to hear it works with the keyrah too so thanks for the heads up.

    Kind regards


  12. Thanks again mate, my friend mentioned something about the custom rom when he was demoing his unit but I was far to engrossed with full screen/full speed gta3 🙂

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