Commodore C64 ITX PC – Part V

This evening, I’ve mainly been prepping the emulator files that i’ll be using with my C64 ITX PC.

Emulation-wise, I’ll be using Vice64 – In my opinion, the best C64 (plus Vic20, C16 etc etc) emulator there is. ‘Frodo’ is also another great emulator but I find that Vice64 has just a few more extra features that I find really useful.

Vice64 on MS Windows XP.

Ideally I’d like to use Hyperspin-Fe as the graphical frontend for Vice64 and am currently working on my own custom C64 theme.

Hyperspin theme for the Daphne Laser disk emulator.

However, until I can fully test it on my new ITX board, I won’t know if all that lovely Hyperspin eye-candy will run o.k. on the hardware therefore, for the time being, I’ll be using another favorite – Gamebase64 –

Gamebase64 is a very plain but powerful graphical frontend providing a simply menu system for browsing and launching C64 games  automatically with the C64 emulator. You simply scroll to the game you want to play, hit the space bar and Vice64 will launch and auto load the game.

Configuring Gamebase64 is quite simple once you downloaded all of the necessary files. After installation and launching GB64,  you just need to point the frontend to where the C64 emulator & disk images are stored on the PC. Additional files can be downloaded from the Gamebase64 website which includes C64 game screenshots, game information databases and SID tunes. It’s a shame game box art isn’t included though:-(

Here’s my current setup –

Granted, it’s not at stunning to look at compared to Hyperspin but Gamebase64 works perfectly even on low spec hardware.

Until then, I’ll be using the


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