Commodore C64 ITX PC – Part I ‘Clean up’.

Although I’m still waiting for a few bits to arrive before I can start building my C64 PC, I thought I’d make a start by stripping the spare C64 I’d be using for this project and get an idea of how much space there is inside the ol’ bread bin.

Originally, I was going to use a really old battered and yellowed C64 I have but looking at nice condition of this one, I decided to use this one instead.

Just three screws at the front underside of the case is all that’s holding the top case to the bottom and plastic hinges at the rear ensure a good fit. With the top case and keyboard separated, time to have a look-see inside.

I was quite surprise how clean it was in the there. Apart from a  little dust, not bad at all. First, I disconnect the power LED form the mainboard and will use this later as the power light  for the PC ITX motherboard. Next came the keyboard header that which I’ll reconnect to the Keyrah board when it arrives.

Next came the metal shield and finally, after removing a few screws, I was able to lift out the mainboard. The keyboard was also unscrewed from the top part of the case and put to one side.

The MOS 6581 SID chip, responsible for some of the finest and memorable 8-bit tunes around:-)

..and the brains behind the C64, the MOS 6510 microprocessor.

With the case now in two parts and all circuitry removed, time to give the case a good scrubbing. First I dunked it in warm soapy water and gave it a light scrub, then I sprayed on Dettol Mildew remover which I find great for removing stubborn stains and mild yellowing you get on old computers.   Finally I gave them both a good rinse and dried with a soft cloth.

Almost as good as new.

Next  job was the keyboard and I used damp Q-Tips here to reach all the  hard to rget places to wipe away years of accumulated dust.

That’s about all I can do at the moment. I’ve tested the ITX board to see if will fit o.k. and thankfully it does. There should be more than enough room for the DC to DC converter, 2.5″ hard disk and associated cables. If heat buildup proves to be a problem, I think there should just be enough room to install a fan.

For the time being, I’ll put everything back together again, minus the mainboard. It’s a working board and one of the Retro Computer Museum chaps has a use for it.

Hope you can join me for part II of my little project. As always feel free to post your comments.


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