Retro Gaming: Super Skidmarks – Amiga CD32

Taking it’s name from the sheer amount of rubber you can leave on the track (what else did you think it was!), Super Skidmarks on the Amiga CD32 console is a fun little arcade racing game featuring a variety of cars, tracks, hardly any physics, a cow and….caravans! Along side Super Mario Kart & Micro Machines it’s the perfect party racing game.

Originally released as Skidmarks on the Amiga home computers in 1993 it was created by Acid Software using Blitz Basic, a commercially available programing set that really showed off the product to keen bedroom coders like myself.The CD32 edition doesn’t really add that much to the original game, but freqeunt floppy disk swapping is thankfully removed thanks to the CD format.

Super Skidmarks main menu complete metal guitar soundtrack and a game of pong whilst you decide which options to choose.

Players can choose from a selection of cars ranging from Mini’s to Pickup Trucks to..erm hmm,  a cow on wheels? Tracks contain sweeping banks, bumps, jumps and cross sections to liven up race action and to ensure that there’s plenty of jostling between players as they race for the chequerd flag…and subsequent victory dance!

Mini’s lined up for the start of another race. All cars where created with the Amiga raytracing software – Imagine.

The infamous ‘caravan towing’ mode, where skillful drivers can use them for knocking opponents off the track.

Graphically it’s superb and the isometrically view point adopted for the main display is perfect for this type of game. It might look a little dated now but it still oozes playability. A must for every CD32 owner, especially the  Ultimate edition which contains a huge collection of tracks and car models. For the Amiga 500/1200 user, hunt out the HD installer and additional track/car packs.

Trying not to get lost.


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