Fun afternoon.

Prior to this Octobers Retro Computer Museum event, I said i’d pop down to the RCM storage unit to lend a hand sorting out various computers, bits and bobs and to test some of the TV, monitors and the odd suspect computer.

I’d set off early this morning but unfort, there’d been some sort of incident on the motorway which resulting in closing two full sections for well over 2 hours. With no hope of escaping I sat, with engine off wishing I’d set off even earlier 😦 Thankfully, I had a SD card full of SID tunes, various podcast and my laptop to keep myself busy until things got moving again.

By the time I’d got there, the chaps were already getting stuck in and had shifted half of the TV’s out into the hallway. Using various computers and consoles we set about testing each one and marking which inputs were working i.e RF, Composite, Scart.

Making a pile of systems to check. Quite nice to see that the Mattel Aquarius we picked up a few weeks back is in working order.

Taking a break, I was keen to take a closer look at one of Andy’s newest acquisitions, the Commodore SX64. I’ve wanted one myself for many years now and it was so nice to get up close to one and have a really good look.

Commodore SX64 (Commodore Amiga 1500 base unit below)

The SX64 was Commodore’s attempt to create the first full colour portable computer. Housed in briefcase type casing, it’s based on the popular Commodore C64 complete with integrated 5″ colour CRT display, floppy disk drive and detachable keyboard. Designed for the ‘executive on the move’ it didn’t sell very well but is very collectible today.

One day, if i can find one for sale that won’t break the bank, I’d love to own one myself.

Another test we wanted to try was to  see if we could set up a Sega Saturn to run with ten control pads connected (via two multitap units) so that RCM could host an epic  ten player  Super Bomberman tournament in October. After locating enough control pads, we tested Saturn after Saturn.

Not all of the units would work together but with lots of prodding, tinkering and swearing we managed to get two Saturn units working perfectly with all ten pads connected. Bomberman, here we come!

Messy but fun!

I didn’t come home empty handed too, and have a lovely bit of retro tech for a little project I’ll be starting soon. More on this to follow.


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