Another crazy week so again, no regular posts I’m afraid. Still recovering from last weekend’s Eurocon and getting stuck into some decorating back home. For now, the decorating is complete so we decided to give the whole house a good spring (Autumn clean). Cleaning ovens is not the best job in the world but needs must! Just a shame the cleaning product takes your breath away!

It’s taken us both practically all day, but after having things stacked in one room whilst I decorate the other, it’s so nice to have the house back to normal again.

It’s all go though as there’s work to be done outside in the garden especially as dry days and long sunny evenings are few and far between.

Lastly, thanks to the magic of twitter, I was able to pick up a boot full of retro gaming goodies yesterday evening which was being offered for free not far from where we live.

I haven’t had chance to go through everything yet, but there’s a Commodore 64c, x2 boxed Datasettes, about 100 game tapes, an Atari ST 520, lots of big boxed Atari games, a bag full of 9-pin joysticks, a few Commodore game cartridges, stacks of Amiga disks and a few Amiga CD32 games. Quite a few other bits n bobs so maybe tomorrow I’ll have chance to dig a bit deeper.


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