Eurocon Weekend – Sunday

In contrast to Saturday manic day at Eurocon, Sunday was much a more relaxed affair, chatting with friends and getting down to business on a range of consoles and computers.

But first, relaxed after a good nights sleep and twitchy after sinking the tallest Starbuck’s,  I had a score to settle with Sophie as I attempted to beat her record score. Karl had swapped out the Oric 1 for an Oric Atom and the regular style keys were taking some getting used too rather than the sensitive keys of the Oric -1.

My practise score wasn’t very impressive, but taking one final glug of strong coffee, off i went.

Things started well and i was soon racking up the score and plenty of lives and shields too. However, at the half way point things really ramp up and things get really tough. I was still some way off her score and had lost a whopping 4 lives within the space of about 3 minutes but with just one left I hung on as wrists began to scream. It’s weird really because the next half an hour was a blur and fingers dancing over the keys by themselves without any real thought..Oh yeah, I was in the groove 🙂

The final score to beat was Sophie’s 177,000 and my here’s mine 😛

Both the Oric – 1 and Atmos are highly sought after computers and can command quite a high price. I’m hoping to get myself one day but for now, I’m on the hunt for emulation!

By mid morning, the Lass was filling up again as folk had there daily dose of retro gaming goodness.

…and nice to see Richard enjoying a game or two, instead of fixing something that’s broken!

Andy begins coding a demo on the ZX Spectrum. Certainly is a talented coder.

The Sega bench

Eurocon was hosting quite a few gaming competitions. The Atari 2600 comp drew quite a few entries as gamers battled it out on ‘Combat’

By mid afternoon, things were quietening down somewhat so we decided to start packing away some of the RCM machines. It didn’t take that long really and i was soon outside waving my friends off and thanking them for a wonderful weekend. I still had a few hours to kill before my own train left so i heading back indoors to chat with the others and to say my goodbyes to some of the folk from the continent that had fights to catch.

Before leaving, i was sat at one of the cocktail cabs and thought i’d have a go at beating the days score on Galaga. It’s been awhile since I’ve last played it and got thoroughly hooked again.  Ever keeping an eye on the time i managed to get to the top which Duncan managed to capture the moment for me 🙂

With backpack even heavier than before thanks to a few items I’d picked up, including a Nintendo Gamecube I’d managed to score, I said my own goodbyes to the last remaining folk who I’d not see again until RCM’s October retro event, headed back to the train stations and a few hour later arrived home.

Eurocon has been such a great event and has been a pleasure to attend the whole weekend. Thanks must go out to Jon Legg who has put on one hellava show and a to Thomas Grauel from Germany, a very special thanks go out to you.

I’ll be uploading all my photos to my Flickr account soon for anyone wishing to take a look.


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